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It has been a real honor and a blessing to know Mike and work with him for the past four years. Mike first became my career coach during my Wharton MBA program. And our coaching relationship continued beyond my graduation and has become critically important and meaningful especially during the changing times in my career and life.

Being a really experienced and successful executive himself, he knows the nuts and bolts of business and leadership from inside out. But the best part is the holistic, caring approach he takes in helping a person to transform. He listens very attentively and asks really good, sometimes tough questions. He communicates clearly, checks in regularly to make sure you are comfortable and the on-going conversation is adding values. He always encourages you to find and express your own true self, where your motivation and strength originates. But he also makes sure your feet are on the ground and help you connect where you are and where you want to be.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who is undergoing changes in his or her career or life, or someone who is contemplating that seemingly daunting step in order to advance to the next stage. 

I will forever be grateful for the optimism and strength he institutes in me.

Yingying Huang

Product Management Director

Mike is an experienced, trust-worthy career coach. Mike became my career coach during my Wharton MBA program. I really enjoy the time talking with him and getting his advice. The following is what I’d like to share about how Mike helped me. 

1. Mike is really experienced. He has been doing career coach and recruiting for many years and has helped many people already. He therefore could give me very constructive feedback on which part I was doing great, which part I could do better and some tips I had never thought of. This gave me valuable, different viewpoint.

2. Mike always listened to my stories and situation very carefully. He is a good listener and very reliable. 

3. Mike always checked in to see if the information he provided was what I was looking for and if my questions was being answered. 

I highly recommend Mike! 

Ya-Ru Yu

Product Management

Mike's coaching was instrumental to my career transition during the Wharton MBA program. He helped me identify and prioritize my interests which ultimately led to a job function change that required taking a risk. He took the time to carefully listen to my words and the things that I wasn't saying. He held me accountable to the goals I set for myself.


Mike is one of the sincerest coaches I have ever worked with and genuinely wants to help each person find their path.

Paty Claudia Riquelme

Marketing and Sales

Mike is by far one of the best career coaches I have had the pleasure to work with. Unlike other coaches, Mike will patiently listen to your career aspirations and present multiple approaches/routes to achieve them. He is very happy to make introductions to his former clients and help you gain a different perspective or an insight into a particular industry or function. 

His frameworks on branding, interviews and offer negotiations are priceless.

Nikil Madan

Technology Sales

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As a professional athlete my success is based on clarity and commitment. What Mike's Executive Coaching gives me is that same clarity to build my off court professional ventures.

Rocky Carson

Professional Athlete

Mike is a thoughtful and insightful coach and brings a calm, reasoned approach to every type of situation. He is remarkably adept at finding common ground, and is really good at listening and then synthesizing a conversation into a clear and effective plan of action.


His suggestions of books and other resources were always super helpful, shockingly relevant, and exceptionally worthwhile. The many discussions that we had built a stronger basis to grow my career.

Chris Matthews

Marketing Leader

Mike brings a truly authentic approach to his profession! He operates with deep knowledge and expertise, but it is his unique ability is to remain authentic to his clients and create trusted relationships and loyalty that span far beyond expectations.Partnering with Mike results in action oriented, ongoing, memorable success.

Darci Kleindl

Executive Sales Leader

I came to Mike with the desire to shift careers while anticipating a move in the near future, but with a poor sense of how to move forward. Three months later I did exactly that.Having Mike on my team gave me an edge that I’ve never had before in navigating a big career decision.


Through his careful listening to my wants and needs, I was guided through the process step by step feeling encouraged and empowered along the way. In the end, the confidence I gained from our meetings led me to finding my dream job in a way that felt effortless and even fun.


Beyond all of that; Mike is genuinely a great man. It isn’t often that you find someone so driven by passion for the work they do. I would recommend his services to anyone who is interested in looking for true guidance and wisdom in their search for the next step.

Dr Ryan Chin, DC

Mike and I worked together back in the early 90's and formed a great relationship, he was the consummate professional back then and so much fun to be on the road with. We've stayed in touch over the decades and when I was in between roles I hit him up to provide me some career and personal guidance, I knew he had a wealth of knowledge in that area.


Mike helped me focus exclusively on what was truly important to do in order to really find my next opportunity. He took time to understand my circumstances, my past career and the business environment, and provided invaluable support, direction and a lot of encouragement. Having him on my side was a major boost, thanks Mike!

Rich Lancaster


Mike Manoske is an excellent leadership and career coach. He won't tell you what to do, but he will certainly help you find your own best answers and path. He is clear, personable, and experienced.I've used him during job changes and on an ongoing basis to address troubleshoot challenges at work and counsel on taking on leadership opportunities. Mike is a super coach

Ben Lummis

Education Leader

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