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Job Search Coaching

Your Next Career Move: From Aspiration to Reality

Coaching is about making your aspirations real. To help you achieve this I bring pragmatic, proven action-driven ideas and coaching. 

We start with your goals, to understand what's important in your next job. Coaching isn't about directing you, it's to help you gain clarity and discover new options.

With two decades of recruiting & talent acquisition leadership and a decade of coaching, I offer comprehensive job search coaching to help you make a successful job transition.  I assist with the entire Job Search process:

  • Real-world Career Assessments & Recommendations

  • Proven Job Search Strategies

  • LinkedIn & Resume Review and Updates

  • Complete Interview Prep

  • Real time support for Offer Negotiation


The combination of collaborative coaching with strong hiring and recruiting expertise will help take your job search from aspiration from reality.

Coaching isn't therapy or counseling, it's a safe place to build a plan - and achieve your aspirations. Finally, I also provide a private online collaboration environment where we can share resumes, job links and more. Though based in the San Francisco Bay Area, many clients work with me remotely.

Reach out today - all initial consultations are free and my fees are based on ability to pay


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