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LinkedIn Solves Skills Testing?

They announced that they are going to provide skills testing to validate a candidate's ability to work with certain tools.

"Skill Assessments allows members to take standardized, short-form assessments to not only validate, but showcase select skills — from Microsoft Excel to Adobe Photoshop to Javascript — directly on their profile. The assessments are produced by leading independent industry and subject matter experts sourced through the LinkedIn Learning’s network. Members pass by scoring in the 70th percentile or above and can decide whether or not they want to display a badge on their profile."

Here's how it will show up for recruiters in LinkedIn Recruiter:

LinkedIn may have a good answer to the question of skills validation. This has been a real challenge and caused MANY companies to create byzantine tests that often created candidate stress, not real skills assessment.

Imbedding into a LinkedIn profile makes it a one-stop-shop for candidates and recruiters. I'm hopeful this works, we need it!

I'll follow this and update as it goes live.


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