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Committing to one Change today

At its core - Coaching is about questions. We use questions as catalysts to explore and trigger positive change.

You'll see my blog frequently putting up "coaching questions." These are questions I often ask my clients. And the answers have led to remarkable changes in all parts of their life.

This question is not as big as it looks. It only asks what change will you commit to making today. Could be as simple as taking a few more breaks in your workday.

It could be eating one less cookie or one more healthy item. Remember large changes come from making several small changes.

We are conditioned to believe that we have to run 20 miles our first time jogging. When a walk around the block is still a positive step.

Change is easier when you have a priority list. And taking action is simpler when it's broken into small pieces.

This is the heart of coaching: helping clients achieve their goals and objectives a step at a time.

So what will you commit to changing today?

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