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The 5 Most Important Career Soft Skills

LinkedIn is doing some amazing work analyzing job posting data on their site, mostly written for Recruiting teams and Hiring Managers. I've going to do some "reverse engineering" and propose ideas for your career success.

The graphic above is from a post on 2019 Talent Trends. LinkedIn surveyed 5,000 talent acquisition and HR professionals around the world to identify the major trends that will shape their work this year. The talent professionals surveyed agreed these trends are very important to the future of recruiting and HR.

The four trends and the percentage of talents professionals who rated them very important:

Each trend is important and each deserve further discussion. For this post, I want to focus on Soft Skills, and it's overwhelming score.

LinkedIn dove deeper and took a unique at data from job postings and user profiles. They created a "supply and demand" model around soft skills. You can see the graphic at the top of this post, but the most needed soft skills are:

This list really struck me because I see them come up time and again in my coaching practice. My clients who struggle with several of these soft skills find job searches and career success harder to achieve.

So if you are looking to change jobs, or succeed and advance in your current role, these five soft skills have to become a key part of your work and career. Also not bad to have in rest of your life!

Coaching Questions:

Which skills are your strengths?

Which skills do you need to develop?

Who do know that's really good at one of your weaker skills? How can you model them?


I'm a certified Career Coach, long time Silicon Valley Recruiting Leader and lead Job Search, Career Development and Career Success programs at the Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco. I also coach through HireClub.

If you’d like to discuss the ideas in this post or other areas where Coaching might help - I’d love to share. All initial sessions are free and we dive right in. There is never any pressure or push.

My email is

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