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Fitting In and being authentic at work - Great Pixar Video

Sometimes the most important messages are told in a cartoon. This is about acceptance and fitting in at work.

This wonderful Pixar short is less than 10 minutes, you gotta watch it! And full disclosure: I was a Purl.

If you were, what did you do about it?

Coaching Questions

Which skills are your strengths?

Which skills need to grow?

Who do you know with strong skills?

What can you learn from them to grow your skills?


I'm a certified Career Coach, long time Silicon Valley Recruiting Leader and lead Job Search, Career Development and Career Success programs at the Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco. I also coach through HireClub.

If you’d like to discuss the ideas in this post or other areas where Coaching might help - I’d love to share. All initial sessions are free and we dive right in. There is never any pressure or push.

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