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About your Career: Do what you came for

I was at a coaching conference last week when a speaker shared this quote. I was stunned how it perfectly summed up my wonderful career coaching clients and their aspirations.

The writer is John O'Donohue and it comes from his book: To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings

My wish for you: use these words to plan well, push fear aside and make your career aspirations real.


I'm a certified Career Coach, long time Silicon Valley Recruiting Leader and lead Job Search, Career Development and Career Success programs at the Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco. I also coach through HireClub. If you’d like to discuss the ideas in this post or other areas where Coaching might help - I’d love to share. All initial sessions are free and we dive right in. There is never any pressure or push. My email is


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