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No Points for Busy. What should you really be doing?

I read Seth Godin's brief but powerful post Busy is not the Point had to share it in total:

There’s a common safe place: Being busy.
We’re supposed to give you a pass because you were full on, all day. Frantically moving from one thing to the other, never pausing to catch your breath, and now you’re exhausted.
No points for busy.
Points for successful prioritization. Points for efficiency and productivity. Points for doing work that matters.
No points for busy.

I've been there and found myself at the same point. And I was still not making headway or progress. I had to unlearn years of work ethic myths and operating from fear and worry. I still have to "check in" when I feel myself drifitng back to busy.

Busy is addicting. Busy is a great way to deflect. Busy helps avoid self reflection. Busy is sexy - and ultimately a dead end.

My Career Success and Executive Coaching clients often confront busy. The breakthrough happens when they embrace productivity instead of busy.

Coaching Questions to clarify:

  • How do your current tasks meet your organization's strategic needs?

  • How do your current tasks meet YOUR strategic needs?

  • Do these tasks build skills and experiences to help you advance your career?

  • How would it feel to delegate - or even ask for assistance?

Most important question: How does your work align with your personal goals and values?

If these answers don't feel right - there's a challenge. The good news - there are lots of resources to assist. My short commercial: I'd love to help.


I'm a certified Career Coach, long time Silicon Valley Recruiting Leader and lead Job Search, Career Development and Career Success programs at the Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco. I also coach through HireClub. If you’d like to discuss the ideas in this post or other areas where Coaching might help - I’d love to share. All initial sessions are free and we dive right in. There is never any pressure or push. My email is


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