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What are your 3 biggest priorities the rest of the year?

3 Biggest priorities for the rest of the year?

It's the "dog days" of summer with lots of people on vacation. Typically, people focus on travel and activities, but there is that quiet time. That quiet time is an chance to plan and prioritize. A chance to determine your focus for the rest of the year.

We often make planning a daunting process: trying to build massive results, with poor to mixed results. Here's a suggestion: think smaller - think effective.

That's the core of the graphic above: prioritize just 3 things for the rest of the year. Priorities are simple commitments to focus more on elements of your life. Here's some example priorities:

  • Focus more on health and mindfulness.

  • Be more present and involved with the the important people in your life.

  • Evaluate your career satisfaction and direction.

Priorities helps reduce a reactive lifestyle where you respond to every request and event equally. Priorities help you focus on what's important - and keep your focus.

So why is this on a Career Coach's site? Reducing a "reactive life" means you can better respond and plan in your career. And the carry over to your personal life is even more important.

The Coaching Question is this: "What are your three biggest Priorities for the rest of the year?"


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