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What do you Yearn to Do? Tools and Ideas

What do you Yearn to Do?

We all have dreams and yearn to do them. I often hear it stated this way: "I really want to...." followed by the dream or aspiration. Unfortunately the next thoughts are often reasons why the dreams can't be achieved. Luckily there is help.

The book Immunity to Change has a great model for change and the worksheet link is below.

There's 4 steps

Step 1: Get goal-oriented

Enter your Goals in the first column of the worksheet. The more specific the better.

Step 2: Eliminate Blocking Behaviors

Write down these behaviors in the second column.

Step 3: Explore Competing Commitments

These are concerns and fears that hold you back. This will take some deeper thought and is a key step. What are they and how do they hold you back? Spend time with this and enter them in the third column.

Step 4: Overcome Big Assumptions

These are best described as negative "if X then Y" truths that can get in the way of your aspirations. These "truths" are frequently not true but they've been interfering with your goal achievement.

The Immunity to Change approach takes work, but is a great way go from Yearning to Goal Achievement



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